I hope you stay awhile


Welcome to my little corner of this world. My name is Martha. My mission? To be as real as possible. I believe that's what counts. You could say my journey started many years ago, when I first started to focus on whatever I looked like (read, what I weighed). Constantly trying to exercise my way to the "happiest" and "healthiest" me. Whether that was marathons, intense cardio classes, you name it - I've tried it. I constantly found myself feeling like none of it was good enough all while I created a punishment and reward relationship with food.

Fast forward to 2017. I started out that year on my first "sugar detox" cutting out all alcohol, all refined sugar and all refined grains. At that time it was a means to an end, a thinner me. Although I dropped the "holiday weight" and felt great it didn't stick. The way I approached it was restrictive and created an "off limits" obsession. It didn't take long for February to come and I was right back into my old ways. The positive? I understood what it felt like to not be addicted to grains and sugar and it felt good. 

It all set me on a knowledge journey. One that taught me about our hormones react to what we put in our body and on our bodies. This knowledge gave me the kind of food freedom that I truly never thought existed or at least felt completely unattainable. I was able to eat REAL, WHOLE foods that made me feel great. It also helped me to understand how our skincare, cosmetics and household products wreck havoc on our bodies. Even better? I found that what I truly loved was sharing it with people that I loved. I was able to help my Mom embark on her journey to live a real food based life, reversing her Type II Diabetes and healing her Fatty Liver. 

In the end, I've found the most nourished, healthiest and happiest me. Pretty cool right? In truth, I'm here because I believe everyone deserves to find that. So, my mission is to share that with you as I continue to learn. I hope you stay awhile because I'm glad you're here.

Oh? And this guy? He's my partner in crime, my husband, Trent. You can usually find him sharing his music with the world. I'm a lucky gal.

xoxo Martha