Guys - this stuff is the real stuff. In the past when I've gone through the  guilt of: "I should use better deodorant, they say this stuff could give me cancer." I went through thoughts such as: "nothing else works," "this one gives me a rash," and "the chances of me getting cancer are so slim." Now I'm not saying you're going to get cancer, but I bet you know someone who has it and no one really knows how they got it. No, I'm not saying they got it from deodorant BUT I am saying, is that for my sanity I'm going to make better and safer choices. AND, with this stuff I can make a choice that isn't only safe, it doesn't irritate my skin and it WORKS! They have lots of other options as well - all I've had great success with. 


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Have you heard of it? It's a company that's making waves in the safer skincare world and I'm all for it.

Part of my journey in 2017 was becoming more aware of how the chemicals in our makeup, lotions, shampoos, etc. weren't doing us any good in fact they were down right harmful.

I started by mixing in some safer options and finally jumped right in. 

We all live pretty busy lives, one of the things I appreciate about Beautycounter is they take the guess work out of it. They print whats called  "The Never List" promising that they won't use as ingredients in their products. They're also a certified BCorp which means they have to maintain certain levels of transparency as a company, it's basically like being certified as "organic" for food or "fair trade" for coffee. Even better, they're out their fighting to make safer skincare a commonplace not an exception, taking a stand both in the US and Canada for safer products. Considering all of these things I know they're a company I can not only trust but I can stand behind. Plus, their products work - even better right?


Let's be real, there are some people out there addicted to this stuff because of things like the flu. Please, put down the PUREL. This Environmental Working Group certified product does the job real well. The plus? It's safe.  It's called Everyone hand sanitizer spray.


I remember when I was kid I thought the fancy expensive soap was the good soap. Mind you, that was Dove. We were were a Dial house and so Dove REALLLLY seemed like a step up in the world. Well, turns out neither of those are that great, at least in terms of safety. There are lots of options out there, this one by Kiss my Face is relatively easy to find and is fragrance free. 




Ever considered instead of plastic wrap to cover your food or even tin foil you swap out a reusable version? These are washable, reusable and completely compostable. They're naturally antibacterial. Plus, they are sustainably made: made of organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin



Don't want to use an entire re-usable storage container for something? Or, sick of throwing away plastic baggies? Yeah, me too. These FREEZABLE (yay!) and LEAKPROOF (double yay!) storage baggies are pretty much the bomb. Made by (re)zip .


Looking for a zipper option instead? Or craving something a little cuter? These ART OF LUNCH re-usable baggies are also pretty great. They are not freezer safe but bonus, you can throw them in the dishwasher.

(re) zip : freezable & leakproof!

(re) zip : freezable & leakproof!

Art of Lunch

Art of Lunch



Did you know that even so called environmentally friendly or sensitive skin detergents are actually full of carcinogens? I was in SHOCK when I learned this. So, instead of buy Seventh Generation, Tide sensitive skin or even Mrs. Meyer's here is a truly SAFE option in Molly's Suds. Curious how yours stacks up? Check out the Environmental Working Group website. It's worth it.

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