Let's get REAL about Endocrine Disruptors

When I started on this journey I was focused on food. And, let's be real initially it was allllll about control. Because, well I have control issues sometimes (I'm working on it!). But, as I learned more it became less about what I could control and more about what I could learn. I was taken by the science of it all. And, the new information I was learning that made SO MUCH sense! In a truly freeing kind of way. 

I gained a greater understanding of what I was putting in my body, it only made sense  to learn more about what I put ON my body. I remember the moment, and it hit me like a ton of bricks, that I had been seemingly okay with changing what I put IN my body but not changing what I put ON my body? That's silly! But totally true. For me, it really was "out of sight, out of mind."

I know I'm not alone. What's crazy is that it's like the majority of our population is seemingly unaware, or at least choose to ignore it for some other end game. There are no regulations that watch the skincare and cosmetic industries, none. So who do we trust? Right now, when cosmetic products hit the market, no one is certifying them to be safe for our bodies and our short term OR our long term health. You can walk into a Walgreens or place an online order and it could be filled with a multitude of chemicals that are harming you today and in small doses for the next 30 years. Scary stuff. What's insane to me, is the FDA even acknowledges on their website this fact: "Neither the law nor FDA regulations require specific tests to demonstrate the safety of individual products or ingredients." That's on their website. Bottom line? The sheer number of products we put on our skin daily, weekly, monthly adds up. Perhaps I'm getting to preachy here, but it's important. And, it's important for us all get knocked over the head sometimes. 

To put a little science behind this, I recently came upon Dr. Becky Campbell (click for article), she gives a fantastic rundown of just what the dangers are. She explains what an endocrine disruptor is and then goes on to identify what the most common ones out there are. She also provides solutions, suggesting products that are great SAFE substitutes that regulate themselves. And, this includes beautycounter (click to learn more)!

So, next time you hit your local makeup aisle, or store think twice and double check that what you're buying is safe. For a quick rundown of ingredients to avoid, check out beautycounter's the never list - it makes things a lot more simple. 

So, my friends next time maybe your choice will be the safer one.