Full Fat, WHAT?!?

I'm writing this one for my MIL, yup because she's awesome. She's supporting and loving and awesome. And, she's smart enough to question what she's told. 

Some time ago I had caught on to the "ditch the Low Fat lifestyle and move to Full Fat". And, I thought what? No really, what? If I eat fat, won't that make me fatter? Well, turns out that doesn't happen. At all. In fact, it actually might make you healthier. Yes, I'm talking about Full Fat. Not part skim and not 2%, FULL FAT. 

If you read my "about me" post on here or on my first instagram post you'll know that part of why I'm here is because of my Mom. Getting her to eat full fat was just one of the ways I believe she's been able to reverse her Type II Diabetes. It's also one of the reasons I continue to eat it, hello genetics! Oh, and it tastes REALLY REALLY good.

So you say, BUT they've been telling me to eat this way for the past 30 years! Yeah, I get it. I believed it too. We've been duped.

A few interesting nuggets:

I read recently that the more something is processed the more money a company has to make on it. Maybe that's because they can get more out of one batch? Who knows, but it makes sense this world is run by people trying to make money off of what we eat and how it impacts our health (hello, drug companies!). Plus, why process something more than it needs to be, right? Enjoy it the way it should be, the way your Grandma (or great-grandma?) did.

Even more, fat actually HELPS us to absorb more nutrients. Many vitamins such as A, D, K and E actually need fat to get into the places of our body where they can be used. They're fat soluble which means once in the small intestine they can dissolve in fat and then fat can actually move from the small intestine into the bloodstream. If all you're eating is low-fat how are all those vitamins actually going to get into your body? Still it's not all "eat all the fat" we still have to remember to pick the good ones, which sadly doesn't include donuts.

Want to learn more?

I've dug up this great article from US News and World Report. For a girl that questions what she's been told about nutrition from the mainstream world I sure am sharing some mainstream sources! But, maybe that will help you to believe me. (WHO am I becoming?! LOL) 

So, go out there and grab some delicious fat. Some of my faves?
Wallaby's Organic Greek Yogurt, avocado or a small handful or nuts! The beauty of these is fat makes us feel full and more satisfied that way we're not reaching for the extra sugar to put in it or the next snack an hour later. Happy Eating!